Trion, GA. Started with a Cotton Mill

Trion is a town in Northwest Georgia in Chattooga County.  In the 1840s the Trion Mills started producing cotton. A post office called Trion Factory opened in 1847, and in 1904 the name was changed to Trion.

Today the town centers around the mill.  Highway 27, runs through the eastern part of the town, the businesses are along this highway.  Around the mill are the typical mill houses.


In front of the mill there is a historical plaque it reads:

First Cotton Mill in Northwest Georgia  – Three Walker County businessmen, Andrew P. Allgood, Spencer S. Marsh and Col. W.K. Briers, officially organized the Trion factory Oct. 12, 1845. It has had few shut-downs since its first production in 1847. In 1858 an epidemic, in 1864 Sherman’s invading Federal Army closed the mill until the end of the War Between the States, fire on April 10, 1876 only shut the mill for six months and a strike for six weeks in 1934. Three families owned and operated the mill through its first 150 years. The Allgood Family (1845-1912), the B.D. Riegel Family (1912-1987) and the R.B. Pamplin Family purchased the mill in 1987.

Today, the mill is owned by Mount Vernon Mills –  they produce Denim.


Riegeldale Tavern (picture below) is a restaurant located in on Old Highway 27.  The tavern is now known as Sweet P’s at the Tavern.  In 1912, Benjamin D. Riegel, owner of the Trion mill, came up with the idea of the tavern. He wanted a place where traveling tourists coming through the area could have an eating place. Riegel talked to his son-in-law, Clarence Jones (an architect), about building a place to sell their products and at the same time, an eating place for guests and tourists. Jones visited Europe and several other countries for the design of the tavern. The building itself was constructed in 1936 within six weeks