Sevierville, Tennessee – The historic side of Sevierville

McMahan Indian Mound – on Rivertrail Lane next to the Shoney’s Restaurant. There is a historic marker it reads: This Mississippian substructure, 16 ft. high and 240 ft. in circumference, built during the Dallas phase (1200-1500), was first excavated in 1881, with artifacts being sent to the Smithsonian. Later excavations exposed nearby villages of the Woodland Indian dating from 200 A.D. to the Cherokee who roamed this valley when pioneers settled in the late 1700’s.

mcmahan mound

mcmahan mound (2)


Sevierville Courthouse – Dolly Statue, Veterans Memorial and a historic marker about Isaac Dockery (1832 – 1910)




Several historic markers on Main Street/U.S. 411 near Court Avenue, in front of the BB & T Building.  There are columns on the corners of Court Ave. with plaques.


The historic markers are: James McMahan (1750-1831) – James Crawford Murphy (1807-1894) – Isaac Thomas (1735-1819) – Thomas Atchley (1755–1836)    

Harrisburg Covered Bridge – at the intersection of Old Covered Bridge Road and Harrisburg Road.

harrisburg bridge (2)

There is a historic marker near the bridge it reads:   400 yards south, this bridge was built over the East Fork of the Little Pigeon River in 1875 by Elbert Stephenson Early, an area resident who owned Newport Mills. The bridge had deteriorated and its loss was threatened until it was restored in 1972 through the joint efforts of the Great Smokies Chapter and the Spencer Clack Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

harrisburg bridge (7)


Forbidden Caverns was known to the Eastern Woodland Indians hundreds of years ago.  Used for shelter, they used the flint and chert to make arrowheads, scrapers and knives.  During the twenties the cavern was used to make moonshine.  Tours take 55 minutes. Open April through November. 455 Blowing Cave Rd. Sevierville.

forbidden caverns (6)


Blowing Cave Mill – Turn right onto Blowing Cave Road.  The two and a half story frame structure features a raised limestone foundation, a gable roof, and four-over-four wood sash windows. Recently the owners have built a new trough and support to carry the water to the wheel.

blowing cave mill (5)

From the Mill turn right onto U.S. 411 to Bush’s Visitor Center about 4 miles.

Bush’s  Visitor Center is located in Chestnut Hill. It has the original general store A.J. Bush started the company in 1908.  The first thing he canned was tomatoes, baked beans came later in 1934. The theater has a short film showcasing the Bush’s Story.  There is a café and store selling souvenirs. 3901 U.S. 411, Dandridge

bush (5)