December in Highlands, NC

Off U.S. 441 turn onto Dillard Road/Hwy 106

The Dillard Road is a winding road as it steadily climbs to Highlands, NC.  There are overlooks that have scenic views of the valley below.  Dillard Road goes through Sky Valley and Scaly Mountain.

These are some of the things that are on the way to Highlands:

Highlands Canopy tours – there are 4 different zip-line tours to take depending on ability. There is a family course called the Brave Indian, perfect for grandma and kids. 9625 Dillard Rd. Scaly Mountain.



Middlecreek Barn Antiques – Primitives, Old Tools, Toys and Unique Gifts – When you see the flock of geese (not alive) out at the road you are there. 8716 Dillard Rd. Scaly Mountain.

Scaly Mountain Outdoor Center – they have year round tubing.  In December they make snow and cover the slope.  The picture is of the machines blowing snow. Cool – 7420 Dillard Rd. Scaly Mountain.


The great thing about snow is it makes your lawn look as good as your neighbors”

Lick Log Mill – circa 1861 – 4321 Dillard Rd.

lick log (3)







The Summer House & Tiger Mountain Woodworks – At The Summer House, you will find fine antiques, furniture, lighting and accessories. Recently rated as one of the favorite furniture stores in the South by Southern Living.  2089 Dillard Rd. Highlands.


When you get to the “T” in the road turn right, you are in Highlands.

Highlands –  founded in 1875, Samuel Kelsey and Clinton Hutchinson, drew lines from New York to New Orleans and Savannah to Chicago, they felt that where the lines intersected would become a commercial crossroads.

There are really nice stores in Highlands from home décor, several clothing stores, an outdoor shop, jewelry and restaurants.  When you get tired of looking in the stores there is hiking, waterfalls, museum, parks, etc.


Visitor Center – 108 Main Street

Highlands Botanical Gardens & Nature Center:  Opened in 1962 the Gardens is 12 acres of native trees, wildflowers and plants.

Bridal Veil Falls:  The only waterfall in the state that you can drive behind.  The waterfall is 45’ high and located in the Nantahala National Forest. Franklin Rd/Hwy 64 to Franklin



Dry Falls:  A couple sets of stairs than a ramp down to the waterfall.  There is a paved walkway behind the waterfall.  The waterfall is 75’ high and located in the Nantahala National Forest. Franklin Rd/Hwy 64 to Franklin



Glenn Falls:  On the east fork of Overflow Creek, it is a two-mile hike with 3 waterfalls. The hike is a gradual descent with quite a few switchbacks, so it is not too steep.  The middle and upper waterfalls are the best. Off Dillard Road



The Bascom – A Center for the Visual Arts – The Gallery at The Bascom features one-of-a-kind handmade art objects. There is jewelry, pottery, fiber art, wood-turned vessels, porcelain, glass, basketry and paper. Open Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5



The Will Henry Stevens bridge crosses the river to Bascom. It is the former Bagley Bridge of Warner, New Hampshire. It was purchased from the Town of Warner for $1.00 the bridge was dismantled, numbered, and stored in a shed. In 2008 the bridge was completed and was pulled across the creek with oxen and a capstan.

will henry bridge


Sequoyah Lake Dam Falls –  lake formed in 1927.  Trail down to the bottom is treacherous. Franklin Rd/Hwy 64 to Franklin

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