Richland Georgia – High Noon in Ghost Town

Atlanta to Richland 140 miles – Columbus to Richland 36 miles

On Saturday taking Hwy 280 from Columbus, we arrived in Richland.  There is a small park on the right, with picnic tables and two historical markers.  The names of the markers are: Richland Baptist Church Site and Historic Richland.



Reading the Historic Richland sign I was amazed to discover that by 1913, the city had 3 banks, 3 hotels, 25 stores, guano factory, cotton seed oil mill, Coca Cola bottling plant.

Landowner Henry Audulf founded the town in 1827, under the name Chisholm.  In 1885 the railroad expanded into the area.

Continuing of Hwy 280/ Wall Street, we turned left onto Broad Street.   Checking my car clock to confirm what time it was, the street was deserted at 11:30am.   Most of the buildings were vacant so we decided to try the Railroad Museum in the Depot It was closed, they do not open on Saturdays.  City Hall is also in the Depot.

richland (4)



richland (5)

At 12:00 I googled Richland Rum and found that they are only open during the week.  Saturdays by appointment. I assumed they would be open.   (yes I know what they say about assuming)

richland (7)


“Have a care with them thar cannons we’re out of rum”   Pirate P

The Visitor Center is in the Distillery Store it was closed.  308 Broad St.

I walked around for a little while,  the historic buildings are brick and the sidewalks are nice they have a  brick inlay.  The street is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Also the town is clean no trash.  Getting back in the car, I thought about the West and tumbleweeds rolling down the street.

When we left one car was parked on the street.  I think they were waiting for Richland Rum to open.

2nd weekend in November the City has the Pig Festival.