Maysville and Gillsville – Cotton Gins and Pottery

8 miles from Commerce, Ga. – 21 miles from Gainesville, Ga.

Maysville – has several old homes that have beautiful ornate woodwork.

In 1847, Maysville was known as “Midway,” as it was midway between Lula and Harmony Grove (Commerce.) In 1869 a brick store was built, and the town’s residents started calling it the “Brick Store.” The name was later changed to Maysville, probably after John Mays, a prominent citizen who came to town with the railroad.

Maysville was incorporated on September 30, 1879. The town limits included parts of both Banks and Jackson Counties, and the original town limits were drawn to include ¾ of a mile in every direction from the Southern Railroad Depot.

Maysville was a thriving town in the early 1900’s.  There were 4 cotton gins, the largest of which was located on the property now occupied by the public library. There was a large cotton market, and each fall at least 18,000 bales were loaded on the trains for shipment.

The town has the Autumn Leaf Festival the first weekend in October.

The railroad runs beside Hwy 52/98 through the center of town.  From Interstate 85 take exit 147. The town has few buildings on two blocks

Gillsville – Maysville to Gillsville 7 miles

The town is in Banks and Hall Counties.  Gillsville was incorporated January 1, 1970.  Population was 245 in 2013.

The town has 1 small block of stores.  They also have a Dollar General and convenience store.

First store vacant – then cafe and hardware store

Craven Pottery – 6640 Hwy 52 Gillsville  – The Cravens come from 11 generations of pottery makers

Craven Pottery

Hewell Pottery – 6035 GA-52, Gillsville – 7 generations of Hewell’s have passed down the pottery making since 1850.


 Dwayne L. Crocker Folk Pottery – 6717 Diamond Hill Rd. – making pottery since 1975