Dillard, Ga – In the Valley

The above picture is of the Rabun Gap Nacoochee School campus

Dillard is a city in Rabun County.  Incorporated in 1906.  Dillard ls a small town near the North Carolina line.

Captain John Dillard settled in the beautiful valley in 1794 after being awarded a land grant of 1,000 acres for his service in the American Revolution. Legend has it that to make peace with the local Cherokee Indians a gift of a muzzle-loading rifle, a jug of apple brandy, a coonskin cap and $3.00 was given for all the land between two mountain tops.

The Dillard family established many of the early businesses including a stagecoach way station, boarding house and post office. In 1890, the postal service picked Dillard as the official town name.

Dillard is in a valley with great views of the mountains.  Hwy 441 runs through the town and most of the stores are on this highway.  This is a very beautiful area.

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Black Bear Country Store – mountain crafts and Amish foods – 5736 Hwy 441 N.  store is in a log cabindillard (5)


Rabun Gap Railroad Museum – the museum was built by students of the Rabun Gap Nacoochee School, it celebrates the former Tallulah Falls Railway that once ran through Rabun Gap. Exhibits include not only TFR railroad artifacts and photographs but also a full-size two-foot gauge locomotive, passenger car, flat car, caboose and tracks.  The museum is across from the school.

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Dillard House – (picture below) Arthur Dillard, the great-grandson of John Dillard, operated a general store and his wife, Carrie, opened a boarding house which later became The Dillard House.  The new Dillard House dining room was built in 1958 and the area quickly became a favorite destination for the well-to-do.  Today, The Dillard House is an award-winning Southern favorite known for its legendary flavor and large family-size portions

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3 Legge Art – Since 1999, artists Eric and Terry Legge the shop functions as a working studio and gallery.  The shop also is a museum of the lifelong works and sculptures of Joe Legge.  They have unique pieces of art, I liked the dragon with smoke coming out of his mouth and the buffalo with wings. on Hwy 441


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Old Mountain/ Bear Country Gifts – (picture below) chainsaw art pieces and yard art – on Hwy 441